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Robert’s Pest Control provides quality ant control for Tyrone, PA, and the surrounding areas in Blair County. There are several reasons why you do not want ants in your home. One of the main reasons is no one wants ants in their home.

Outside of the mental discomfort of insects invading your personal space, ants can be a terribly invasive species. Carpenter ants can quickly gnaw their way through the wood structure of your home.

Eradicate the Ants Before Their Colonies Grow in Your Home

Ants multiply quickly. If you see a few ants throughout the course of the day, just wait. There are probably at least a 100 or more behind your walls that you do not see. Robert’s Pest Control can effectively and quickly remove these pests from your home or business. You will never have to worry about them again. Call us today at (814) 695-3591 to get rid of the ants.

Look Out for Ants When the Temperature Climbs in the Spring

You will start seeing ants in Blair County as soon as the temperature warms up in the spring. You will see them climbing on furniture, walls, counters, and floors. Ants can enter your home or business through tiny cracks, under doors, and on clothes.

Robert’s Pest Control often deals with carpenter ants, odorous house ants, little black ants, and pavement ants. You might have tried to get rid of them, but you could not. Allow us to eradicate them.

Our Exterminator Gets Rid of Invading Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants can be a pain for homeowners. Carpenter ants are large, ranging in size from 0.3 inches to an inch, and can infest wooden buildings and structures. They can cause tremendous structural damage. Carpenter ants live in trees, stumps and logs, but they’ll borrow into your wooden porch, steps, or walls. You might hear a rustling sound as they invade and destroy the wood. Our ant exterminator gets rid of the colonies, and offers solutions to preventing more carpenter ants from taking up residence.

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