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Do you need pest control services for Altoona, PA? Roberts Pest Control has been providing residential and commercial pest control services in and around Altoona, PA, since 1977. We provide rodent control, ant control and termite control, to property owners in Blair County, PA.

Among the pests our exterminator controls are rodents, ants, bed bugs, termites and more. Call us today at (814) 695-3591, and let us help you rid your property of pests.

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Using professional rodent control services is the best bet for Altoona, PA homeowners facing a rodent infestation. Getting rid of the rodents frees your household from these annoying pests. Most importantly, it keeps the members of your household safe and healthy.

Rodents can bite and injure household members, introduce diseases, contaminate your food, and diminish your home’s structural integrity. Hiring a professional rodent control exterminator is the most effective way of getting rid of all the rodents. We ensure they do not return.

Call Our Exterminator When You Find Ants in Your Home

It is distressing the first time you find ants trailing across your kitchen counters or floor. When this happens, it is best to address the problem as soon as you discover it by calling a professional ant control service. Ant infestations only worsen with time. Our ant control experts will achieve the best results.

Homeowners in Hollidaysburg, PA, trust Roberts Pest Control to handle ant infestations in their homes. We have the expertise, experience, and effective tools and supplies for the job. Our pest control operators use high-quality yet safe insecticides to eliminate and control all the ants. We rid your home of the ants you see and, most importantly, the ones you do not see.

We Proudly Serve Blair County, PA, with Bed Bug Control

Homeowners in Blair County, PA, including Altoona and Tyrone, hire Robert’s Pest Control to treat bed bugs infestation. It is a complex problem. Robert’s Pest Control is the go-to bed bug service in the area because we are effective and affordable. Our pest control operators are thorough, and use bed bug control techniques that do not miss any bugs.

Contact our team today to help you eliminate all the bed bugs in your home.

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