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Robert’s Pest Control provides highly effective insect control for Hollidaysburg, PA, and the surrounding areas. There are a lot of older homes in Hollidaysburg, and Blair County region. That means there is a lot of potential for insects to sneak into them. Older homes tend to have more foundational cracks, small cracks in the woodwork, and older roofing. These surfaces are susceptible to invading insects, so it is vital to keep ahead of the game with a professional pest control service.

Call Robert’s Pest Control today at (814) 695-3591 if you are concerned about insects in your home or business. We will investigate the issue, and then present an effective plan for removing them.

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Let Our Insect Exterminator Handle Invading Insects

Roberts Pest Control has been in business since 1977. That means that we have built up a reputation for insect control for the last four decades. Our results speak for themselves. We take pest control very seriously, and treat unwelcome insects like they are our enemy. While we love our clients, we hate invading insects. You can count on us to banish them from your home. Our exterminator is happy to help get rid of all types of insects from your location.

We Eliminate Termites from Your Home or Business

When you need a termite exterminator, Robert’s Pest Control should be your first call. Termites are one of the most destructive insects. We have seen the extensive damage these pests can cause with wooden structures of a home or business. When you call our termite exterminator about termites, we inspect the damage. We devise a plan to eliminate the termites, and prevent any further infestation. Our exterminator may use a combination of termite control treatments to eradicate the termites.

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